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It has been brought to our attention that some "folks" need a place to discuss the cyber bullying and terrorism perpetrated by Joe Albero. So we, thought if you want to have a space, we offer that to our community here.


Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan

Salisbury Police Department In Deep Trouble

We mentioned the other day that several Salisbury Police Officers have left the Department. Well, it gets worse. The latest Intel is that 12 more Officers are aggressively looking for jobs elsewhere. Morale is at an all time low. We're told many Officer do not like the Chief and that the Chief has no loyalty towards her Officers.

We have a problem here Ladies & Gentlemen. One, the citizens are at risk. There are NOT enough Officers in the Academy to fill these positions and more importantly we have a Mayor in Office who is keeping this all under wraps.

You know darned well Mayor Ireton clearly has the ear of the Press, yet NOTHING has been mentioned about this situation. Why, because the Mayor is a School Teacher, (with all due respect) and NOT a businessman. He continues to prove day after day he cannot manage this City and now it is at the risk of our safety.

While I want to show as much confidence in Chief Duncan, each one of you know I have a personal issues with everyone involved in the recent alleged phone spoof in which they filed criminal charges against me for filing a false police report, all of which I never made a report, never called the police, Councilwoman Campbell called the police but they used these false charges against me to gain access to my phone records. Records in which I value to the highest level of privacy in the news business and will always refuse to allow access to anyone. 

Anonymous George S. said...
I don't think a woman should be a Police Chief anyway.
July 12, 2012 4:53 PM

Anonymous said...
She comes down on the officers to keep the heat off her. When it gets bad enough, she will turn tail and run, just like she did in mt Vernon
July 12, 2012 9:39 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
We need a local male cop in that position!
July 12, 2012 5:10 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google "chief barbara duncan" and see what you come up with, Looks like she destroyed mt vernon police dept, left in the middle of a mess before it came down on her, only to destroy salisbury's dept.
July 12, 2012 8:41 PM


Joe Carmean

Today, the Daily Times made my fender bender headline news. I realize that I have become a real threat to the local media but I hadn't realized I had reached A list celebrity status! Man I feel like Steve Martin in the jerk, finally getting my name in the phone book. I am somebody! I am somebody! Seriously folks, a fender bender?

I called Editor Joe Carmean, (without his knowing who I was) and I asked, why would you publish this article? He replied, "because the guy is a criminal." I said, do you know who you're talking to? This is Joe Albero. Now, do tell me how I'm a CRIMINAL! He replied, "you were cited for criminal neglect, failure to maintain control of your motor vehicle." .

I then told Joe that he was making it easy for us to completely screw up the future of the Daily Times (as if they need any help from an outside source). He said, "You're nothing but a bully Albero. All you do is go around bullying people, how does it feel to be at the other end".

In his final statement before he hung up the phone on me, Gannett Daily Times Editor Joe Carmean said, (and I quote) "FUCK YOU JOE ALBERO." Little does Joe Carmean know, I, (at that point) had opened my phone to speaker phone and I was standing with a LOCAL attorney as he yelled that statement to me. The lawyer's eyes bugged out, his jaw dropped and he couldn't believe Joe Carmean would make such a statement. Boy, we must have REALLY pissed off the Daily Times lately!

Many of the comments on the Daily Times article are challenging them stating this isn't news. Well, considering Greg Bassett is constantly telling everyone they are held to a higher standard, would you like to chime in now Greg Bassett? Really, a higher standard? A fender bender accident warrants a top headline? Using a mug shot as an image of the person you're going after and then LYING by stating this was a criminal act.

I think this is a desperate act from a crew on a sinking ship. I can confidently say that The Daily Times will do anything to sell their paper, even using me as bait to boost sales! Thank you Joe, if you'd like I'll let you know whenever I have any interesting events in my life and you can make them your top stories for the day....oops I think I farted. How' s that for a top story?

Jim Ireton

Mayor Jim Ireton So Drunk He Can't Remember He Called

It was a beautiful evening Saturday night when we gathered with several friends at our home to enjoy a bon fire. As we were enjoying our evening my cell phone started ringing. It was 11:38 PM and wouldn't you know it, it was Mayor Jim Ireton. I was somewhat surprised because of the hour but I opened the phone after showing my Wife who was actually calling.

Mayor Jim Ireton was clearly drunk and wanted to tell me that he knew I had this election won. He knew that Salisbury News was much bigger than the Daily Times and that too many people in Salisbury are already saying Joe Albero was going to win this election.

The Mayor went on to tell me that we had a lot of the same views for Salisbury but before he stepped down and showed his support for me he wanted to know if I'd be interested in meeting with him Sunday at noon at his Office. He went on to say that he knows he can't beat me and he's done fighting. He mentioned something about how the people love me and support me and he knew I'd make a great Mayor because I care.

I agreed that I would meet with the Mayor on Sunday. The next morning I headed up to the GOB and when I arrived at 11:50 AM the Mayor's vehicle was not there. I called him on the same number he called me from, (his cell phone) and there was no answer. I then sent him a text message saying I was at the GOB waiting for him. Again, no reply.

I waited until 12:10 PM before I called him again, this time leaving a message on his phone stating I had waited long enough and since he hadn't responded to any of my attempts to contact him I didn't appreciate my taking family time to come meet with him and his not responding. I then stated I felt he owed me a reply call. I never got one.

At that point, since Jim was so down on the phone Saturday night I called one Council Member as I grew even more concerned he hadn't replied. After explaining the call Saturday night and his not responding, they agreed someone needed to go check up on the Mayor.

It turns out Chief Duncan made contact with Mayor Ireton and explained my concerns. The Mayor stated he had no clue what she was talking about, he hadn't spoken with me last night. The Chief responded asking if I'd be willing to turn over my phone records.

When I originally answered the phone Saturday night I put the phone up to my Wife's ear so she could tell it was Mayor Ireton. He sounded pretty trashed and she confirmed right away it was him. I waited around in Salisbury at my Office to get some kind of reply to make sure the Mayor was OK so when I left Salisbury I drove directly to the Police Department and showed staff my cell phone proving the Mayor did in fact call me very late Saturday night and they were to relay that information to the Chief.

I think we can all agree, when someone drinks that much alcohol it can become a truth serum. My conversation with the Mayor made it blatantly obvious I had a larger following, (according to his own words) than the Daily Times, people he was running into were stating I was going to win this election and between the two of us, he wasn't going to fight me in a re election bid for Mayor. The Mayor had exposed his full deck of cards.

The scariest part of all of this is the fact that the Mayor does not recall, (so he says) ever making the phone call. If that's the case he might want to have someone hide his cell phone so he's not able to make anymore drunken phone calls. He had every opportunity today to pick up the phone and call me and simply say, why are you calling me and texting me. At that point he could have told ME that he didn't make the call Saturday night. That didn't happen because he knew he screwed up. He was sleeping off a hard night of drinking and when the Chief of Police arrived he claimed he wanted an investigation of some sort into WHO made that late night phone call. HELLLOOOOO! Are we talking about a black out here? I don't thinks so.

Jim has lost the support of most of his former friends. The Daily Times has to be sick of his temper tantrums, (as are all of us) he's admitted to me personally he can no longer afford to financially stick with being Mayor. He has personally seen my Maryland Driver's License, yet claimed last week that I wasn't a resident of Salisbury. The guy is done as Mayor. You know it, I know it and after Saturday nights phone call, even he knows it.

Sarah Lake

The Saga Continues As Sarah Lake Calls Last Night

At 9:16 last night Sarah Lake of the Daily Times, (since she's still on their employee list) called me with multiple obscenities, all witnessed by at least 20 people.

The call came in and we were joking as soon as the phone rang, well, its either the Mayor or the Daily Times. I flipped open the lid as I didn't recognize the number and a woman who identified herself as Sarah Lake called me a piece of shit and to go F%ck myself.

Funny, this morning I put up a comment that came in stating they hoped those employees that lose their jobs sue me. ME? Why don't these jackasses stop harassing me. Why doesn't the Daily Times get control of their employees.

I told Mrs. Lake I had nothing to say to her and don't you ever call me again, I hung up. Everyone sitting there listening to this call simply couldn't believe what they were hearing.

At that point I made an immediate call to Chief Barbara Duncan who did not answer the call, nor have I heard from her as of 9:30 AM. These people are sick in the head. They caused the alleged problem and they want to call me and harass me, acting as if I had done something wrong. Unbelievable!


Anonymous said...
Lets hope Duncan does something to stop all this. Lake is unstable and needs serious help.
Anonymous said...
Maybe if these people spent as much time doing investigative reporting as they do engaging in this kind of behavior the DT would actually have some news in it. All I ever see in the DT is reprinted court documents. It seems they are afraid of getting sued if they print any real news. They are also too political and too close to elected officials to really be trusted. In reality I suppose they are like the typical journalist, very liberal and only want to print the information that they agree with.
Anonymous said...
Thanks for posting her picture, so that evasive steps can be taken if reasonable people want to avoid her. I sure would, but I doubt we frequent the same places.
Anonymous said...
I had high hopes when Chief Duncan was hired. I hope she doesn't continue listening to Jimbo. She needs to look at all sides of this story.
Anonymous said...
Real mature, Sarah! And you want to be taken seriously as a journalist? Sounds like you're back in high school.
JoeAlbero said...
To those of you claiming I was spoofed again, WRONG. I couldn't get to the phone in time so I had to call the incoming number back to see who it was or what it was about. That is when Sarah answered the phone and I said, who is this. She said she was Sarah Lake, blah, blah, blah. Nice try.
Anonymous said...
Joe, We were hanging out at Lagoon last night and overheard a extremely loud a conversation from VERY credible sources that the reason the FBI was involved is because you have claimed in the past that you are MSM and as such are subject to the Freedom of Information Act. They are going after your computer records Monday.
Anonymous said...
Tempest is a teapot
Anonymous said...
She should be blaming the people that dragged her down to their level. The mayor, her co-workers/editors at the paper etc. Instead she wants to blame you.

You didn't get her fired, her room mate, her actions and the actions of the editor got her canned.

She obviously has a serious drinking problem and should seek help before she gets a DUI or something even more serious.

She was used as the sacrificial lamb, that's her problem. Her tenure at the paper proves her value as an employee, a friend of Jim Ireton, was not healthy anyway.

No wonder Ireton wanted to be friends with her, she looks like a man. An ugly man at that!

Roberta Wexler Introduces Joe Albero

Speaking for herself:
email Roberta at


We Are Not Victims But Survivors

I have had many people email me or talk to me in person and say I think you need to change the title of that blog to Survivors of Joe Albero's attacks because almost every single one on here has done just that..survived these repeat assaults on their family, character or careers. When you call them a victim it is as if you are saying Joe took something from them, which in turn implies he has some power over any of these lives listed which we know he does not. If you made the list we want to congratulate you on surviving and showing the world Joe has no impact on your life and hold your head high as a Joe Albero Survivor


Over 150 Assaults and Counting....

As of today we have over 150 people and establishments featured from the monster's hit list and there are still more...

Be sure to visit all the pages. Use the search feature to your right, to look for your name, your family, friends, associates or businesses that the Monster has waged war on.

This site is not to further victimize the people listed here, it is only intended to show the wake of destruction created by a monster for so many and to shine some sunlight on a very deep dark place. After some quick research and a lot of input from those who have been attacked by the monster, Joe Albero, it is already apparent that his reign of terror in Delmarva is wide and deep and those that he has maliciously and obsessively attacked are many. Within just a few days of the inception of this blog we have listed over 150 upstanding and decent people who have been libeled and smeared by this monster and his cronies. Yet, there are many more. Each person here has a family who has also been effected by this monster. Children have been hurt. Husbands, wives, parents and siblings have been damaged by the terror this monster has brought on their families. This Monster, Joe Albero needs to be shunned by this community and stopped from further harm to the people on Delmarva.

As we collect the information and list the victims and or targets here, the pages of this blog will grow. Be sure to look through all the pages and decide if you want to do business with any of the people who fund this type of malice, as if it were OK. These business are listed on the page that is tabbed at the right above the email listed for this blog. Please look to see who is giving money to, or supporting a local terrorist.

The madness must end.

Perhaps one day we can all have a convention and figure out our strategy for a Class Action law suit.


Please Contact Us If You Want To Be Listed

I haven't spent as much time working on this site as other people are but since my name is attached I have received several emails from people that simply want to forget about their victimization by Joe since they have moved on with their life, and want any post regarding them removed. Please, my friends, all the people working on this site are in no way trying to hurt you by bringing this up, and are just using it as an example of his nasty deeds. I do want to offer if you do not want yours listed please just email us.

However, all victims names will remain and we reserve the right to paraphrase the original sin committed by the monster. With everyone together (now over 130 targets and growing) no one should be afraid. If you would like to write what you would like said, in you defense, or state something positive about yourself, we'd be happy to post that as well.


Part 2 Of How It All Began

With Barrie Tilghman now his main target he then gets into a war with everyone Barrie Tilghman has hired including Chief Of Police Allan Webster who saw Joe as the pathological Liar he was from the beginning. Joe begins the Chief Jack and Coke line of posts along with the insinuations that Barrie Tilghman is breaking the law with getting illegal work done on her property by City employees, this leads to lawsuits by both of them against Joe.

During this time frame a new thing develops called an "anti-albero blog" several people notibly Karen Wells from the Off The Cuff Blog, Joe Perdue from Salisbury Soapbox and Susan Rainey from A Class Act. These blogs started letting people know about the lies and misinformation that were being spewed on sbynews. These people immediately became targets for Joe as he could not stand the truth getting out as he preferred being the only blog telling people what to think. It wasn't just an attack on the people but their families, their income and anything else he could attack to bring them down including threats of lawsuits, criminal charges you name it. Most of these blogs shut down because of this which made Joe feel like he could do that to anyone else that dared challenge him.

The really strange event that most people don't realize is that John Robinson and Joe were good friends during the 2006 beginning of 2007 area until the day that John had Jim Rapp on his radio show and didn't allow Joe to call in and to act the ass toward him on the air, this made John an enemy for not allowing Joe his public payback of the man he felt was responsible for Jennifer losing her job.  From that point forward it was an all out hate fest between the two. That is what it is like to be a friend to Joe, if you don't do exactly what he thinks you should he will turn on you immediately.

It was also during this period that Joe found his love for the fire department. Remember anyone that was a friend of Barrie Tilghman=enemy in Joes mind. Bill Gordy had parked his car while on official business in a metered spot downtown in early 2007 and when Joe happened by and saw the meter had expired in his sick mind he had a gotcha. He finds out the car belonged to Bill Gordy who also happened to be Gary Comegy's treasurer for his campaign, well from that point on you know the history, daily Gordy this Gordy that attacks. He also begins attacks against Bill Gordy's son Jeremy all because of who Bill was friends with and an expired meter.

part 3 soon


How Did It All Begin?

Well from many years of being involved in the blogging world and being public enemy number 1 in his book, I have gotten to talk to lots of people who have told me the story of Joe and how he became the monster we all know now.

Any discussion of this must begin at the Salisbury Zoo where it all originated from. Jennifer Albero worked there and had some issues regarding Jim Rapp then Zoo Director. Jennifer ends up losing her court case against the zoo and her job which in turn sets the animal off within Joe. He decides he will document the zoo every inch of it looking for illegal activities to get back at them for dare messing with his wife. This began in 2003  click here for Jennifer's Issues

His In-laws live next door to of all people Debbie Campbell so he gets to know Debbie very well on the trips to the Goetz household. Debbie of course has issue with many people in the City so a common bond forms. Debbie shares her tales of woe regarding Mike Dunn, Barrie Tilghman, Lynn Cathcart and many more actually too numerous to a phonebook with Joe. Albero of course likes to be made to feel important so this figures prominently in his defense of Debbie Campbell.

Well in the mean time issues at the zoo intensify so Joe sets up a meeting with Barrie Tilghman regarding them, when Barrie Tilghman doesn't nod her head and agree to Joes demands she becomes public enemy #2 behind Jim Rapp. Debbie has huge issues with Barrie so she sees an ally in Joe, someone that can go about attacking for her but give her the plausible deniability so she looks innocent of any misdeeds, and Joe has no problem with said arrangement.

He already has a criminal record including battery on Sharon Gravel which he was put on probation for in 1991. In 2003 as stated a temporary peace order was given to Jim Rapp to keep Joe from harassing him, also Mary Seamann. Karen Jones not only filed a temporary peace order but was granted a full one to keep Joe away from her for 6 months. Those listed above are all zoo employees.

While in this war with the zoo other enemies now make his radar. He starts coming to Salisbury City Council meetings to annoy Barrie Tilghman and others such as Mike Dunn and Lynn Cathcart.Why do you ask, well it's simple in Joes world. Debbie dislikes the victims and in Joes minuscule mind because Barrie Tilghman is on his shit list anyone that is friendly toward her is also an enemy. This includes the Chief Of Police Allan Webster. This is in the same days as Joes famous " waste of sperm" email to Barrie Tilghman.

End of part 1


Craig Jahelka

I received a couple of phone calls moments ago telling me that Craig Jahelka just announced everything is fine on the Eastern Shore.

Well, I wouldn't fall for this crap Folks. I wish things were better for every one, believe me. However, (IMHO) there's NO WAY businesses are up 7.5% over last year. Every restaurant owner I've spoken to is crying the blues, (a figure of speech). You know the old saying, don't piss on my head and tell me its raining. It should end with, by Craig Jahelka.

GA Harrison Stalks Kris Adams

This grossly obese man is GA Harrison. Allegedly, he is unemployed and works for Joe Albero to attack various Wicomico county citizens.

Recently he admitted to stalking Kris Adams' house on Camden Avenue in Salisbury. He took pictures in and around her property at the bidding of Debbie Campbell who lives next door, making accusations that Kris Adams violated construction laws, when she had some repairs done to her property.

The usual petty personal attacks on Kris Adams and her family continued for many days and it would seem that GA doesn't take it quite as well as he gives it, as he took offense to someone calling him a "fat slob."

GA Harrison wrote:

Here’s the context. On Friday afternoon we ran a post about work being done at 807 Camden Avenue. This property is owned by Kris and / or Kevin Adams or one of their companies. I know we weren’t inaccurate and I don’t believe that we were disparaging of the Adamses (unless accurate reporting is disparaging). However, this is the comment Joe Albero received on Friday:

f*#% you ga you fat f*#%ing slob leave us alone

The grammar, the syntax, the style … all indicative of a university graduate. I’m willing to bet that his came from an Adams, but not Kevin or Kris.

Granted, I’m a tad large, but I don’t appreciate the slob part. But as they say, opinions are like a&&holes, everybody has one.GA Harrison wrote

Don’t the Rules Apply to SAPOA Members?

Over the last several months we have seen landlords such as Mitchell David and Salisbury Area Property Owners Association (SAPOA) president Kris Adams appear before the Salisbury City Council and praise city agencies such as Neighborhood Services and Code Compliance. It struck us as a little odd. For years the city government, and this department in particular, were public enemy number one amongst the SAPOA crowd. Maybe we can glean a little understanding from recent events.
For those that don’t know, Salisbury councilwoman Debbie Campbell lives at 809 Camden Avenue. A few months ago 807 Camden (next door to Campbell and her family) was purchased by Kevin and / or Kris Adams or one of their companies (SDAT records do not show the property transfer at the time of this post). Given that Campbell has been a vocal opponent of many SAPOA practices over the years, many have anticipated some fireworks.
Well, Fourth of July may be approaching fast.
The Adamses recently brought in some contractors to do some work, including concrete work. You will notice from the picture above that there is an absence of permits.
We first became aware of the work being done when it was mentioned that the Campbells’ retaining wall had been damaged by the concrete contractors.

Old Mill

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Old Mill In Delmar Is Nothing Like It Used To ...":

I heard you posted this. Go FUCK YOURSELF! HaHa, I was told you were here, and gave you exactly what you received, because I knew nothing good would come from it. Wish you knew what else was on your meal. The laugh is on you! If no-oen else ever gets you, I DID! Did I say pay backs a bitch!

Moving forward, I was the only one who chose to order All You Can Eat Crabs. Not once did they bring me a full tray of crabs. It was a small basket of crabs and I'd have to wait for more. The Waitress would come around fairly frequently but what blew my mind after knowing I was paying $34.95 for my meal she'd say, WOULD YOU LIKE MORE. HELLO! In my honest opinion she should have brought them out as fast and as often as possible until I said I've had enough.

As for the quality of the crabs, they tasted like vinegar and very bland. There was Old Bay on them but they must be cooking them so fast these days nothing sinks in, flavor wise. When your paying $34.95 I expect one hell of an experience and I truly cannot believe Eastern Shore resident tolerate such crap. Maybe there's so many come here's that they've forgotten what good crabs are all about. One thing I can assure you of is, I get the best crabs of the year whenever I go to one of those fundraisers where the crabs were cooked earlier and the old bay marinades into the meat.

I would expect this kind of crap in the transient atmosphere of Ocean City, not out in the boonies where we know how things are made here on the Eastern Shore. I'm constantly amazed at how many vehicles are outside this restaurant on weekends, especially in the middle of the summer.

So all in all the cost for four people to eat dinner ran us about $150.00 total. Two of the meals were 8 oz steaks, again, a complete joke, especially for the price they were charging. Hard seats, people almost yelling at most of the tables, you know, a complete redneck environment where most just wanted to be recognized. Some bitch about little kids making too much noise in a restaurant but in my honest opinion, adults making even more noise is far more annoying.

So I believe this will be our last trip to the Old Mill in Delmar. I'm just not Redneck enough for such crap.


Wicomico State’s Attorney Matt Maciarello

The monster is now claiming his intent to sue our beloved states attorney.

Joseph Alberosaid…

anonymous 9:23, look at who did NOT get punished. EVERYONE who followed the media blackout still gets press releases.

Now, is it LEGAL to demand a media blackout, I think NOT! The States Attorney flat out told otherrs if I published ANYTHING there would be a price to pay with law enforcement.

They should realize, (should I choose to take this to co0urt) I do have witnesses.

Sheriff Mike Lewis

If You Can’t Control the Media … CUT THEM OFF!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i tried to warn everyone mike lewis job would go to his hot head. he thought he was a one man force at state troopers,

3:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a former law enforcement officer I felt that Mike's relationship with Joe was far too buddy buddy so this makes all the sense in the world to me. I'm sorry if the people at this blog got their feelings hurt but this is the way it really should be.

3:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the ultimate respect of Sherriff Lewis as a professional and friend. He has transformed the County police force to its place of honor and duty.

3:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look out Joe they are coming after you. Be sure your wearing your seat belt and not talking on your cell phone. That would be probable cause for a strip search and maybe even K-9 drug searches.

3:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you got what you deserved.

4:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike Lewis' ego has gotten too big for his badge, and not over just this issue.

4:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the Sheriff's Dept should just stick to delivering paperwork and leave the real crime fighting to the Maryland State Police. They tend to botch more than they do accomplish anything.

4:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I kind had a feeling something like this was coming.
However, if the other media outlets are given access, then Joe should be given the same access.
Withholding by the Sheriff's dept. only makes them look like they're hiding something and I don't think that's something they necessarily want, do they?

4:27 PM

Blogger Mardela said...

I hope we don't start to trash our wonderful sheriff because he decided his relationship was too close and that sensitive information was being compromised.

Money doesn't always dictate how to do things and sometimes you have to pay for things instead so information insn't compromised. I think SBYNEWS exploited that relationship and it won't be long before Joe puts out info that will make our sheriff uncomfortable. I hope this doesn't happen, but the ego I have witnessed doesn't tell me otherwise.

I'm glad we have SBYNEWS and I'm glad we have our sheriff and SA. I hope things can stay cordial and respectful so the community doesn't get dragged into more drama. Not everything that happens here or anywhere needs to be made public. There is a reason the government has security clearances and most journalist will respect this because they want to keep the relationship strong.

I'm sure after Joe reads this he will start to bash me, but thats ok, I can take it. I'm still glad he has exposed things in our community, but I also think when you turn your back on our creator, you need to humble yourself and get that relationship in order.

4:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This goes to show that this police agency, just like a few others around here don't really care about the public! If they did, they would make the information accessible to ALL media! They know the following of this blog and how many people come HERE to find out what's going on but now they're not going to play nicely.
I see. I see real clear.

4:29 PM

Anonymous john hine said...

sherrif mike sure doesnt realize he is missing out on a good thing. I bet soon enough he will regret felching you joe!

4:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt that, 3:59.
Though this is an unfortunate situation, I think Mike Lewis is professional enough that he's not going to play any games like that.
He didn't want info posted, and Joe posted it anyway (right or wrong).
So Mike Lewis says if his request wasn't respected, he won't give him the info in the future.
Pretty straightforward.

Let's wait and see how this deal works out before we all get in a twist over it.

4:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, M Lewis, you are not in first grade anymore. Start acting like the man you were elected to be and stop playing games with news outlets.

Seriously, if I want weather, I goto and if I want local or regional news I come here.

4:53 PM

Blogger Joseph Albero said...

Mardela, you have every right to your opinion. There has not been information I published that compromised an investigation, so you're wrong.

I am in no way trying to make Sheriff Lewis uncomfortable. Mike made his bed, he has to lie in it.

I too am glad we have the Sheriff we have as well as the States Attorney. However, I have a business to run and both of these men are not only much younger than I am, they have less business experience. Like it or not, it has not only been proven in a court of law that I am MSM, Sheriff Lewis has proven and even stated such publicly and I cannot be removed from their press releases and or press conferences. Heck, even Chief Webster learned that. Mind you, he started holding press conferences OUTSIDE the police department as a way of pounding his chest showing I would not enter HIS building, (that belonges to the taxpayers). If I have to take them to Court, believe me, I will do so on principal alone.

It's important for everyone to know, the WCSO does not make or break SBYNews. You CANNOT get those press releases and information ANYWHERE ELSE, or hadn't you noticed that before. Heck, I could have put exclusive on every one of those press releases because no one else provided it.

The Sheriff's Office and States Attorneys Office doesn't have the right to strong arm the press, as they attempted to do a couple of weeks ago. Again, we didn't publish anything that chalenged or jeopardized that case, period.

"but I also think when you turn your back on our creator, you need to humble yourself and get that relationship in order."

Mike Lewis is NOT my creator Mardela. He may be a God to you but he is just a man who puts his pants on the same way I do. I am not better, nor is he any better than me. I respect Mike as a Sheriff and Mike should respect me as a for of media.

If a Judge must decide the outcome, so be it. In closing, Sheriff Lewis didn't cut off Joe Albero. Sheriff Lewis cut of tens of thousands of CITIZENS who depend of SBYNews to deliver criminal information to them on a daily basis.

Now you may want to rethink this entire Post.

4:54 PM

Blogger Joseph Albero said...

anonymous 4:37, you may want to live in a country where certain department heads can determine what you can or can't know but we're talking about a Sheriff, not the Pentagon. I live in AMERICA where free speech is one of my rights. The Sheriff may not like my opinion but one day he will learn to agree to disagree. In my honest opinion, this will not go over well with those other Americans who respect and appreciate the information we provide on a daily basis.

By the way, Sheriff Lewis was out of town when we chose to publish the Leggs information. It was Maciarello who was afraid I might say too much but ended up being VERY pleased we didn't even come close to mentioning the sensative part.

If you want to be upset with me because I told the TRUTH, get over it. It's my job and clearly I do it better than the rest of the "yes men media" in this community because NONE of them were even close to knowing anything was going on in the Leggs case.

5:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike Lewis is and always has been a shameless self promoter and a mediocre cop.

5:05 PM

Anonymous kimanne said...

It really is a sad day in AMERICA when the police dept can dictate who and what the news can publish....And I am glad that you kept us informed RE: Mr. Leggs.....He didn't offer Little Sarah a plea bargain did he???? An eye for an eye!!

5:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some might pat Mike on the back face to face for this but behind his back people will now be talking. Kind of like all the talk about the Leggs case behind his back.

5:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon4:26 You're an idiot!

5:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ever since Grandma busted Albero he has been in the Mr. Righteous mode trying to clean his shitty laundry up. Its to late Baby!

5:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe, if Lewis stays with the Salvation Army again next year you should cut them off like the sheriff just did to you. Imagine that.

5:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why can't we all just get along and make this world a better place to live.

5:48 PM

Blogger mp50 said...

Mr. A., I don't know you or Mr. Lewis, I will say after reading your information,I thought Mr. Lewis was an upstanding man. Not any more. He wants to cut you out (the only one that gives us up to date info in all areas). Shame on him. But as you said he is an "elected offical". Mr. A., I will still come here for all my news. You could be a week behind and still be faster and better then the other MSM. It's funny how everyone likes you when you are on their side, then when you report something they don't like they turn on you. That is when their true colors come out. I hope he will regret this move. I can't wait for him to come to you for help. But knowing about you, you will be there to help in any way you can. That's what makes the difference between you and him. How can we stand by a man that wants to keep us in the dark. He must have a political drive, hoping to share with the public only what he feels we need to know. Mr. A., please don't stop, we need you. If there is anything I/We can do just let us know. SEMPER FI

5:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sounds like they asked you to keep quiet on what you'd heard prior to thae actual court date. The post you put up clearly speculated that a deal had been done when in fact nothing was final until Leggs actually plead guilty in open court.

I think they asked you to keep quiet because nothing was finalized & you posting the plea agreement early could have jepordized the case.

If the States Attorney "demanded" you to keep quiet you obviously did not listen. Your posting and the comments that followed stirred up a lot of *hit.

You & your site are a great asset to our community until you take something personal, like this request to keep quiet until it happens or choose to assinate someones character in a way in which you look like an ass (Brewington).

I love you & this site 90% of the time. Thank you for what you do for our community.

5:54 PM

Blogger lastword said...

As a former law enforcement officer I felt that Mike's relationship with Joe was far too buddy buddy so this makes all the sense in the world to me. I'm sorry if the people at this blog got their feelings hurt but this is the way it really should be.

3:50 PM

I don't know about buddy buddy but in the real (adult) world, police agencies and news outlets have a working relationship. It bendfits both of them.

My feelings are not hurt unless you are referring to Joe.

Sounds to me like the sherrif is the one with hurt feelings. Don't know, don't care.

He can't stop anyone from getting information. He may make it take longer and more difficult but it will come out.

If Lewis wants to play games, that is his right. It will only hurt him in the long run. Leave your ego at home. It gets in the way of doing the job you were ELECTED to do.

You answer to the same ones you are trying to cut off. The next election may find you cut off and out in the cold. Then you will really be pouting.

5:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee or should I say Glee--looks like a few of the deputies are making comments on here. Oh, but wait,now I'm not sure of that since I haven't seen any bashing of Holloway and Prettyman.

5:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike Lewis has let his own self-promotion and his little group go to his head. He was a wonderful Trooper, but he is now nothing more than a shameless politician - trying to be everything to everybody, and he's turning out to be a nobody to everybody. Bring back Hunter Nelms, Coulbourn Dykes, the Maryland State Police and all will be well!

6:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear that Ernie Leatherbury might run for Sheriff. Now that would be a real race!

6:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

salisbury news put him in office, salisbury can take him out. same sbynews gave him the tips to solve the leggs case, sbynews got the crowds together to search, sbynews fed ahd watered them, sbynews kept the people informed. and now he's taking his toys and going someplace else to play. he hasn't changed much over the years.

6:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The end of another bromance. You have always been the #1 mike lewis cheerleader but I really dont see how salisbury is any safer during his tenure. Hopefully this will spark a fire in you and you will be more critical of him. NAAAA, I'm sure you guys will hug it out in a week. "you my boy blue"

6:13 PM

Blogger Joseph Albero said...

Let me make this VERY clear to everyone. What they did NOT want out to the public referencing the Leggs case we kept quiet. They were afraid that I was going to mention Leggs coming to Wicomico County at 6:00 AM on Thursday, (the next day) I did not. I did NOT release ANY information that wasn't already signed, sealed and delivered in the Leggs case. In FACT, I could have said everything I already knew thursday morning or let's say by noon. I waited until the following TUESDAY to say anything.

So do NOT imply I said or did anything against their wishes. You are ALL welcome to call Mike or Matt referencing this and they will have to agree, or they're liars, which I do not believe they are.

6:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard Mike is being primed to run for County Executive.

6:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had no idea you owned the crime solvers site. Mike really hurt himself politically and you have proven to be the bigger man by continuing to run the site.

Friends tell me the sheriff is never at work because he's out teaching classes making a lot of money on the side.

6:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe... it is interesting to me that you made the comment "he made his bed, now he must lie in it".... It seems that expression is more relevant to you and your blog.

They are not required, nor under no obligation to have any sort of relationship with you, or the readers of this blog, at all.

6:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true falsies puppet.

6:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike Lewis is a terrible sheriff. He is a control freak. an egomaniac. napoleon wanta be. AND, YES!!! Ernie Leatherbury would be a GREAT sheriff! Mike can't be an executive, are you kidding me? the deputies will be quiet for a while and in a year or so before the election, they will turn their back on Mike as he's on his way out. Go Ernie!!!

6:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've said this before and I'll say it again. MD has too many cops the result of which is continued overlap of administration for the same taxpayer service. On the Shore, the MSP, the many sheriff's departments, plus the local municipalities such as Salisbury for their department. CONSOLIDATE. Didn't hear me? I'll say it again... CONSOLIDATE! Just look at Delaware's structure. Are they overrun by crime? Of course not and they have far fewer cops.

6:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe, if you had boobs he would never cut you off. Just ask all the reporters that are no longer in the area.

7:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe, don't like alot about you, but lewis don't have the right to withhold information from the public about crimes committed in this area. Looks like my family and friends will be voting for a new sheriff next election!

7:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have presented the correct information on the Leggs case, just a thought

7:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is so not right, mr. lewis treating you this way. you have done so much for this area, way more then any of us and asked for nothing in return. the pressure of the job may be more then mike lewis can handle.

7:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suck it up Lewis! Your cutting off the citizens, the community,those of us that voted for you. If you continue to cut me off over this childish crap.....then count on me cutting your vote off next go-round.

7:06 PM

Blogger Joseph Albero said...

anonymous 7:06, #2, I did present the correct information on Leggs. Prove me wrong.

7:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm confused. So was the media told about the arrival of Leggs back in Wicomico county and the plea deal and then told to hold that info? Or was the media getting bits and pieces though leaks in various departments like the SA's office and the sheriff's office?

7:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do like Mike, however is he really punishing Joe, or the citizens of this county?

7:28 PM

Blogger Joseph Albero said...

anonymous 7:23, I am the ONLY form of media that knew ALL of the details about Legs and the whole nine yards. NO OTHER form of media had a clue. I've been told that Mike thinks someone within his department fed me the information and he was/is WRONG! As I said in a post the other day, I'd swear to it in a court of law. Mike and Matt are acting so paranoid right now its scary.

7:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So it's obvious where you got your info then. From a family memeber. And all anyone had to do was check case search to figure out that a plea deal had been hammered out.
I can totally understand them not wanting it known that Leggs' was coming back into the county and that wasn't published.
Well all I can say is they better get used to it. I wouldn't say Salisbury News is exactly MSM but it's a blog and blogs are here to stay and are fast replacing MSM.

7:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe, you did not have to talk about any leads you had on the case. or any deal that was in the works. JENNIFER FOXWELL told everything..Did we feel sorry for her? HELL NO!! She wanted more attention for her self AGAIN. we found no truth in what she said til we saw it on the news. I must say though, Jennifer put her own twist on the story too.Like being face to face with Leggs before it was on news. Like they had tea together or something. She is sick as he is. Lewis may cut you out of the loop, but he cant hold you back. Keep doing what you do. New story in the works. Jennifer should be due anytime now! and whata story she will ahve to tell about that.

7:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

6:48 I'd pay more taxes as long as Lewis isn't the leader of a consolidation. If the MSP is over the area and the sheriffs city police are brought under them -- ok! Even if they only had 3-4 counties consolidated, would be fine and the money can be pooled to pay for services. There wouldn't be that "it's my turf" stuff to even deal with then. But if it is Lewis, over the entire county --- FORGET IT!!! I'll pay more!

8:01 PM

Blogger Ironshire said...

I know and respect both Mike and Joe. As a retired law enforcement officer I have no choice but to side with Mike on this one. Joe does this community a great service and I read SBYNEWS every day and always come away informed.

But the badge trumps it all. I'll continue to read SBYNEWS and contribute whenever I can. Joe, if you get into a pissing match with a cop, you will always come up on the short end. And rightly so. If someone's shooting at you, are ya gonna call a blogger or the sheriff?

Cool your jets, Joe... give it time.

Craig Theobald

8:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't know who to believe, however, since Granny trashed you Joe I saw Sheriff Shorty back out of the picture. I really think you try to do some good things for the area, but don't trust either one of you. I hope Ernie does run for Sheriff.