Wicomico State’s Attorney Matt Maciarello

The monster is now claiming his intent to sue our beloved states attorney.

Joseph Alberosaid…

anonymous 9:23, look at who did NOT get punished. EVERYONE who followed the media blackout still gets press releases.

Now, is it LEGAL to demand a media blackout, I think NOT! The States Attorney flat out told otherrs if I published ANYTHING there would be a price to pay with law enforcement.

They should realize, (should I choose to take this to co0urt) I do have witnesses.


  1. Monster quote: They should realize, (should I choose to take this to co0urt) I do have witnesses.

    Comment: What he meant to say, was that he "HAD" two witnesses, with more intelligence then himself, but unfortunately when he stood up, he forgot and pulled that lever, and they both swirled down the dark abyss into turdville. Harrison was on clean-up detail, so all he witnessed was some Monsters fat ass.
    Matt's really gonna be worried, about some illiterate Monster, that can't even spell his threats correctly.

  2. I thought during his many court cases he claimed not to be the news media.


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