This is a Reference Site

We've received some messages of disappointment regarding lack of regular posts on this site. This is to clarify that this site is a reference tool and a log of evidence and is meant to be static. Certainly with all new Monster attacks, we will make new posts to reflect them so let us know if you see a Monster stalking or a Monster attack and we will capture and post it, however if you're expecting to see daily updates on what a creep Joe Albero is, there are other sites that do that quite well.

Please take time to look through the pages and pages of vile vicious attacks on literally hundreds of people and businesses in the Delmarva community. These people are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, and our neighbors. The victim count continues to rise. When will enough be enough?


Joe Albero The Psychopath, Is Running For Mayor Of Salisbury

It is unbelievable to many of us. The same crazy dude that has stalked half of Salisbury and it's public and private servants, thinks any of us would consider voting for the lunatic. 

Not Long ago, Albero was in court for his stalking, harassing, and libel. Recently we obtained some audio clips of his testimony. 

Anyone considering voting for him should listen to this: