Over 150 Assaults and Counting....

As of today we have over 150 people and establishments featured from the monster's hit list and there are still more...

Be sure to visit all the pages. Use the search feature to your right, to look for your name, your family, friends, associates or businesses that the Monster has waged war on.

This site is not to further victimize the people listed here, it is only intended to show the wake of destruction created by a monster for so many and to shine some sunlight on a very deep dark place. After some quick research and a lot of input from those who have been attacked by the monster, Joe Albero, it is already apparent that his reign of terror in Delmarva is wide and deep and those that he has maliciously and obsessively attacked are many. Within just a few days of the inception of this blog we have listed over 150 upstanding and decent people who have been libeled and smeared by this monster and his cronies. Yet, there are many more. Each person here has a family who has also been effected by this monster. Children have been hurt. Husbands, wives, parents and siblings have been damaged by the terror this monster has brought on their families. This Monster, Joe Albero needs to be shunned by this community and stopped from further harm to the people on Delmarva.

As we collect the information and list the victims and or targets here, the pages of this blog will grow. Be sure to look through all the pages and decide if you want to do business with any of the people who fund this type of malice, as if it were OK. These business are listed on the page that is tabbed at the right above the email listed for this blog. Please look to see who is giving money to, or supporting a local terrorist.

The madness must end.

Perhaps one day we can all have a convention and figure out our strategy for a Class Action law suit.


  1. Has this site closed its doors? There has been nothing done on here since early April.

  2. No, this site is meant to be a static site as a reference. Surely if there are new survivors/victims let us know.


This site is for the targets of the monster in Delmar. We will tolerate no negative personal attacks on any of them. If you want to comment to support them, that is welcome. You may not like all of them but that is not the point. The point is to show the malice and evil the monster has done and to collectively support his random targets. No gossip and no unkind words regarding any of these people will be published. The one exception of course, is the monster himself.