How Did It All Begin?

Well from many years of being involved in the blogging world and being public enemy number 1 in his book, I have gotten to talk to lots of people who have told me the story of Joe and how he became the monster we all know now.

Any discussion of this must begin at the Salisbury Zoo where it all originated from. Jennifer Albero worked there and had some issues regarding Jim Rapp then Zoo Director. Jennifer ends up losing her court case against the zoo and her job which in turn sets the animal off within Joe. He decides he will document the zoo every inch of it looking for illegal activities to get back at them for dare messing with his wife. This began in 2003  click here for Jennifer's Issues

His In-laws live next door to of all people Debbie Campbell so he gets to know Debbie very well on the trips to the Goetz household. Debbie of course has issue with many people in the City so a common bond forms. Debbie shares her tales of woe regarding Mike Dunn, Barrie Tilghman, Lynn Cathcart and many more actually too numerous to a phonebook with Joe. Albero of course likes to be made to feel important so this figures prominently in his defense of Debbie Campbell.

Well in the mean time issues at the zoo intensify so Joe sets up a meeting with Barrie Tilghman regarding them, when Barrie Tilghman doesn't nod her head and agree to Joes demands she becomes public enemy #2 behind Jim Rapp. Debbie has huge issues with Barrie so she sees an ally in Joe, someone that can go about attacking for her but give her the plausible deniability so she looks innocent of any misdeeds, and Joe has no problem with said arrangement.

He already has a criminal record including battery on Sharon Gravel which he was put on probation for in 1991. In 2003 as stated a temporary peace order was given to Jim Rapp to keep Joe from harassing him, also Mary Seamann. Karen Jones not only filed a temporary peace order but was granted a full one to keep Joe away from her for 6 months. Those listed above are all zoo employees.

While in this war with the zoo other enemies now make his radar. He starts coming to Salisbury City Council meetings to annoy Barrie Tilghman and others such as Mike Dunn and Lynn Cathcart.Why do you ask, well it's simple in Joes world. Debbie dislikes the victims and in Joes minuscule mind because Barrie Tilghman is on his shit list anyone that is friendly toward her is also an enemy. This includes the Chief Of Police Allan Webster. This is in the same days as Joes famous " waste of sperm" email to Barrie Tilghman.

End of part 1


  1. Need a link to the pdf of the case of Albero vs. Salisbury. it shows the whole beginnings and how nuts they are.

  2. Jim has done more for the Eastern Shore then Joe's advertiser’s money will ever do. Jim is devoted to, using his mind, body and many resources, making the Eastern Shore a better place. Joe does nothing but bring it down.

  3. Someone needs to put a counter on this blog so the advertisers will know how many people we are able to reach.

  4. It was plugged into the site meter yesterday. The "HITS ARE THROUGH THE ROOF"

  5. Amazing what you can find on Google. Here's a little ditty. How many times has Albutbo claimed he "won" his case against Chief Webster? He lies again and again. Well go to

    The judge in the case ruled that Albero is not protected by the Maryland law shielding news reporters from defmation lawsuits. That he had to explain the steps he took to verify the postings, but would not have to divulge the source of the original defamatory letter. (We can assume he wrote that himself.)

    So, this case was settled without a trial. (Wonder what he had to pay Webster to make it go away after this ruling?) Albutbo has known since 4/17/2008 that he can be held liable and he chose to continue his path of willful malice and defamation. It's called punitive damages, FOLKS!

  6. This is good, real good.
    I cannot wait for the book to be published.

  7. Where's part 2? I've been waiting!

  8. Where's part 2? Come on Grinch, drink a pot of coffee and bang it out!

  9. I must say the court papers that I am reading for the first time here really have opened my eyes even more about this couple. These two really personify the meaning of sexual deviant's (in my opinion). I mean who the hell does this kind of stuff at work? Jennifer in her own words brought a porno to work ?

    In her own words :
    By her own admission, Albero was a willing participant in the workplace give-and-take.
    She brought a pornographic video to work, which she showed for a few minutes.
    commented to fellow employees, at work, that her showerhead “satisfied” her better than her exhusband.
    She told sexual jokes, bragged of a boyfriend’s physical “endowments,” and
    participated in purchasing sexual “gag” gifts for colleagues, including edible underwear and an
    inflatable sheep.
    On two occasions, she attended strip clubs with other employees after
    working hours.

    Can we say freaks? Kind of makes one wonder what the grandson has to go through in that house.


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