Please Contact Us If You Want To Be Listed

I haven't spent as much time working on this site as other people are but since my name is attached I have received several emails from people that simply want to forget about their victimization by Joe since they have moved on with their life, and want any post regarding them removed. Please, my friends, all the people working on this site are in no way trying to hurt you by bringing this up, and are just using it as an example of his nasty deeds. I do want to offer if you do not want yours listed please just email us.

However, all victims names will remain and we reserve the right to paraphrase the original sin committed by the monster. With everyone together (now over 130 targets and growing) no one should be afraid. If you would like to write what you would like said, in you defense, or state something positive about yourself, we'd be happy to post that as well.


  1. You've left off Carrie Samis, Peggy Naleppa, and others...

  2. Dawn Tilghman.


  4. I think it is time to start identifying and shaming members of Joe's cult who include GA Harrison, wannabe reporter who cannot hold a real job, Debbie Campbell, City Council VP, who makes no bones about continuing to leak information and half truths to fuel the monster, Tim Spies and Terry Cohen who use the monster for their political purposes. Cult members should be ostracized for using the monster to fuel attacks against Salisbury Citizens for their own personal gain. These cult members are just one step below Joe on the morality scale.


This site is for the targets of the monster in Delmar. We will tolerate no negative personal attacks on any of them. If you want to comment to support them, that is welcome. You may not like all of them but that is not the point. The point is to show the malice and evil the monster has done and to collectively support his random targets. No gossip and no unkind words regarding any of these people will be published. The one exception of course, is the monster himself.