We Are Not Victims But Survivors

I have had many people email me or talk to me in person and say I think you need to change the title of that blog to Survivors of Joe Albero's attacks because almost every single one on here has done just that..survived these repeat assaults on their family, character or careers. When you call them a victim it is as if you are saying Joe took something from them, which in turn implies he has some power over any of these lives listed which we know he does not. If you made the list we want to congratulate you on surviving and showing the world Joe has no impact on your life and hold your head high as a Joe Albero Survivor


  1. True enough. We could change the url I suppose...but it's really Joe Albero's Wall of shame, considering his targets are good upstanding people. This is sort of a static site until each new attack comes along, so we wouldn't expect much response to this request to change the url, but chime in if you are so inclined.

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This site is for the targets of the monster in Delmar. We will tolerate no negative personal attacks on any of them. If you want to comment to support them, that is welcome. You may not like all of them but that is not the point. The point is to show the malice and evil the monster has done and to collectively support his random targets. No gossip and no unkind words regarding any of these people will be published. The one exception of course, is the monster himself.