Open Thread

It has been brought to our attention that some "folks" need a place to discuss the cyber bullying and terrorism perpetrated by Joe Albero. So we, thought if you want to have a space, we offer that to our community here.



  1. We all wish Dr. Delusional good luck in his future endeavors, however, SOMEBODY needs to step up to the plate and open a new blog dedicated to exposing the Monster. The Monster is gloating that he has again eliminated his naysayers. We know we're still here and need a place to gather. Please, somebody take the reins.

  2. I agree 11:03. Hopefully someone will take up that mantle.

  3. When are you guys going to put Dave Nettles up here? Remember the smoking gun letter albero had proving Coach's absolute guilt?

  4. when you going to figure out joe is our new mayor and leave him alone to do the job that others have failed to do

  5. Never Moe. He is a loser and it just proves no one reads his trashy blog except for a little amusement and drama.

  6. He can't blog, but you people can make a wall of shame and trash Albero name. Why because he let's us know what's really going on in Salisbury and you people cover it up. Shame on you people.You can't control everyone's life.


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This site is for the targets of the monster in Delmar. We will tolerate no negative personal attacks on any of them. If you want to comment to support them, that is welcome. You may not like all of them but that is not the point. The point is to show the malice and evil the monster has done and to collectively support his random targets. No gossip and no unkind words regarding any of these people will be published. The one exception of course, is the monster himself.