Jim Ireton

Mayor Jim Ireton So Drunk He Can't Remember He Called

It was a beautiful evening Saturday night when we gathered with several friends at our home to enjoy a bon fire. As we were enjoying our evening my cell phone started ringing. It was 11:38 PM and wouldn't you know it, it was Mayor Jim Ireton. I was somewhat surprised because of the hour but I opened the phone after showing my Wife who was actually calling.

Mayor Jim Ireton was clearly drunk and wanted to tell me that he knew I had this election won. He knew that Salisbury News was much bigger than the Daily Times and that too many people in Salisbury are already saying Joe Albero was going to win this election.

The Mayor went on to tell me that we had a lot of the same views for Salisbury but before he stepped down and showed his support for me he wanted to know if I'd be interested in meeting with him Sunday at noon at his Office. He went on to say that he knows he can't beat me and he's done fighting. He mentioned something about how the people love me and support me and he knew I'd make a great Mayor because I care.

I agreed that I would meet with the Mayor on Sunday. The next morning I headed up to the GOB and when I arrived at 11:50 AM the Mayor's vehicle was not there. I called him on the same number he called me from, (his cell phone) and there was no answer. I then sent him a text message saying I was at the GOB waiting for him. Again, no reply.

I waited until 12:10 PM before I called him again, this time leaving a message on his phone stating I had waited long enough and since he hadn't responded to any of my attempts to contact him I didn't appreciate my taking family time to come meet with him and his not responding. I then stated I felt he owed me a reply call. I never got one.

At that point, since Jim was so down on the phone Saturday night I called one Council Member as I grew even more concerned he hadn't replied. After explaining the call Saturday night and his not responding, they agreed someone needed to go check up on the Mayor.

It turns out Chief Duncan made contact with Mayor Ireton and explained my concerns. The Mayor stated he had no clue what she was talking about, he hadn't spoken with me last night. The Chief responded asking if I'd be willing to turn over my phone records.

When I originally answered the phone Saturday night I put the phone up to my Wife's ear so she could tell it was Mayor Ireton. He sounded pretty trashed and she confirmed right away it was him. I waited around in Salisbury at my Office to get some kind of reply to make sure the Mayor was OK so when I left Salisbury I drove directly to the Police Department and showed staff my cell phone proving the Mayor did in fact call me very late Saturday night and they were to relay that information to the Chief.

I think we can all agree, when someone drinks that much alcohol it can become a truth serum. My conversation with the Mayor made it blatantly obvious I had a larger following, (according to his own words) than the Daily Times, people he was running into were stating I was going to win this election and between the two of us, he wasn't going to fight me in a re election bid for Mayor. The Mayor had exposed his full deck of cards.

The scariest part of all of this is the fact that the Mayor does not recall, (so he says) ever making the phone call. If that's the case he might want to have someone hide his cell phone so he's not able to make anymore drunken phone calls. He had every opportunity today to pick up the phone and call me and simply say, why are you calling me and texting me. At that point he could have told ME that he didn't make the call Saturday night. That didn't happen because he knew he screwed up. He was sleeping off a hard night of drinking and when the Chief of Police arrived he claimed he wanted an investigation of some sort into WHO made that late night phone call. HELLLOOOOO! Are we talking about a black out here? I don't thinks so.

Jim has lost the support of most of his former friends. The Daily Times has to be sick of his temper tantrums, (as are all of us) he's admitted to me personally he can no longer afford to financially stick with being Mayor. He has personally seen my Maryland Driver's License, yet claimed last week that I wasn't a resident of Salisbury. The guy is done as Mayor. You know it, I know it and after Saturday nights phone call, even he knows it.

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