Joe Carmean

Today, the Daily Times made my fender bender headline news. I realize that I have become a real threat to the local media but I hadn't realized I had reached A list celebrity status! Man I feel like Steve Martin in the jerk, finally getting my name in the phone book. I am somebody! I am somebody! Seriously folks, a fender bender?

I called Editor Joe Carmean, (without his knowing who I was) and I asked, why would you publish this article? He replied, "because the guy is a criminal." I said, do you know who you're talking to? This is Joe Albero. Now, do tell me how I'm a CRIMINAL! He replied, "you were cited for criminal neglect, failure to maintain control of your motor vehicle." .

I then told Joe that he was making it easy for us to completely screw up the future of the Daily Times (as if they need any help from an outside source). He said, "You're nothing but a bully Albero. All you do is go around bullying people, how does it feel to be at the other end".

In his final statement before he hung up the phone on me, Gannett Daily Times Editor Joe Carmean said, (and I quote) "FUCK YOU JOE ALBERO." Little does Joe Carmean know, I, (at that point) had opened my phone to speaker phone and I was standing with a LOCAL attorney as he yelled that statement to me. The lawyer's eyes bugged out, his jaw dropped and he couldn't believe Joe Carmean would make such a statement. Boy, we must have REALLY pissed off the Daily Times lately!

Many of the comments on the Daily Times article are challenging them stating this isn't news. Well, considering Greg Bassett is constantly telling everyone they are held to a higher standard, would you like to chime in now Greg Bassett? Really, a higher standard? A fender bender accident warrants a top headline? Using a mug shot as an image of the person you're going after and then LYING by stating this was a criminal act.

I think this is a desperate act from a crew on a sinking ship. I can confidently say that The Daily Times will do anything to sell their paper, even using me as bait to boost sales! Thank you Joe, if you'd like I'll let you know whenever I have any interesting events in my life and you can make them your top stories for the day....oops I think I farted. How' s that for a top story?

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