Joe Albero The Psychopath, Is Running For Mayor Of Salisbury

It is unbelievable to many of us. The same crazy dude that has stalked half of Salisbury and it's public and private servants, thinks any of us would consider voting for the lunatic. 

Not Long ago, Albero was in court for his stalking, harassing, and libel. Recently we obtained some audio clips of his testimony. 

Anyone considering voting for him should listen to this: 


  1. This was a very stupid trial. She didn't win her case and as far as i can see she did say she wasn't going to blog anymore. I guess you won't print this because you think i am in favor of Joe Albero. I don't even know the man. So this whole site is rediculous, just as that Dr. Delusional was. I see the he quit bloging about him and bloging all together.

    Also Jonathon Taylor quit bloging about him too. What happened, did they get scared off? Just wondering.

  2. Bullying women is not stupid in my opinion. If you think that someone should be able to say the things that Joe has said about Julie then that surely says something about you and your character. What I don't understand is why her husband didn't stomp the dog squeeze out of Joe. We will shortly see if Joe is as big a liar as I think he is. When he loses the election will he shut down that trashy blog and move far away from here or was that just another lie?

  3. i listened to the first 4 mins and had to stop it mainly because i cant stand the way he talks or his voice.....what the hell is he going on about thomas jefferson and dna testing for?

  4. This audio of Joe Albero states that kids are off limits in the small world of blogdom. Remember he's supposed to be under oath when he states this? Yet he conveniently forgets about all the most gruesome, salacious, horrible details he learned at the hearing for Thomas Leggs regarding the facts established between the victim Sarah Foxwell and the perverted monster Thomas Leggs (Joe's old friend) who shared her last moments of life before he killed her. What did Joe Albero do with that sorted information? What no other person in the courtroom did, he rushed home to type it all up in Joe Albero's chosen words and show the world what Mr. Inside the Courtroom had just found out only hours before. He published the most gory of the details, his acumen of sexual deviance was foremost in his joy to tell. Why? To make himself, Joe Albero the centerpiece of his story, not Sarah Foxwell or Thomas Leggs, and drive his viewer count up for blog ratings. He bragged about it often, just like he brags about everything Joe Albero the AssWipe of Spew. This is the same SOB that you hear on this audio recording telling the court that kids are off limits. The needless shit that this thing has heaped upon the residents of the eastern shore, both dead and alive is unequaled. He was and still is a Rabid Monster just laying in wait. I despise that SOB, period. God bless Sarah Haley Foxwell, all of her family and friends who still continue to love and mourn her. Amen!


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